Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Circular Saw

In the last five minutes, my next door neighbor set up and began using a big circular saw -- the kind that is built into a metal table, and makes a sound like thredded metal, with a piercing grinding winge finished off with a high-pitched vibratto buzz. he is methodically trimming each of a large pile of plastic pipe. Perhaps he is building a new plumbing system. And I may commit an intentional tort.

The funny thing is , I really like my neighbor normally. He is a stained glass artist, and we even have a window he made in our house. We share a dirveway. We both have identical twin sons. But I had just sat down after an afternoon of errands and work (I own a struggling startup technology company, and now and then I do need to check in and make sure its still there) feeling pretty good, because today was the last day of Bar/BRI.

The last day of BAR/Bri! I had a smoke with Wyatt and Joe, and felt pretty happy to have gotten this far. Plus I studied 11 hours yesterday, not even including Bar/Bri class, which is a personal best for me so far -- at that pace I might actually learn enough to pass. So, this afternoon I checked out a few of my favorite bar exam Blogs --- Legal Insanity, Sua Sponte, A Girl Walks into a Bar -- and then I was ready to start studying. And then out came the circular saw.


Blogger Eve said...

If you did commit a tort, I think you have a pretty good defense. A cicular saw?! Come on, doesn't he know the Exam is in 2 weeks? There will be plenty of time for sawing on July 29th! :)

1:09 PM  

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